Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rooting after AlphaRevX!

Should also work with Revolutionary!

Okay, it took me some trying and stuff but I finaly found a way!

Okay, this is going to be simple step-by-step 

FirsT: Copy this to the root of your SD card:
Second: Go into HBOOT and click yes when it asks you to update (note: Please make sure your SD card is FAT32 and not FAT, it must be FAT32 for this step to work.

Third: Remove the img file from your sd card and add this file:

Fourth: Go into HBOOT and click Recovery!

Fifth: Click install zip from sdcard (or some thing like that) (Protip: Navigate in the recovery with the trackpad, not the power button!)

Sixth: Click choose zip from sdcard

Seventh Locate your zip and let it update

Have fun being free!

If you're having problems with the HBOOT not detecting the .zip update, please check if you SD card is FAT32.

courtesy:xda forums 


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