Thursday, June 7, 2012

HOW TO ROOT HTC Thunderbolt

... How To Root Your Verizon HTC Thunderbolt ...

Post #1: Revolutionary Toolkit for rooting - You're Here
Post #2: How to root WITHOUT downgrading - Go Here 
Post #3: How to root WITH downgrading - Go Here 
Post #4: How to unroot and return to stock - Go Here

The minor OTA to firmware number 2.11.605.9 patches the exploit used by Revolutionary. 
So, before you can use the Revolutionary Toolkit below... you must either do option #1 or option #2 before using Revolutionary.

There are 2 options:
#1 Achieve temp root via another means, then run Revolutionary. (Info in Post #2)
#2 Several users have reported being able to downgrade to 2.11.605.5 simply by running an RUU for that firmware, despite an s-on hboot wich would normally prevent you from going backwards in version numbers. (Info in Post #3)

Feel free to do whichever is most comfortable  

A new method has just become available that does not wipe your data. This is 100% the best and most recommended way to root your Thunderbolt at this time.
As with any ROM or modification the usual disclaimer applies.... You are using this at your own risk!

This is, LITERALLY, less than a 5 minute process, assuming you have all the files/preliminary stuff done first. Having to do "all" the preliminary should take you another couple minutes, at most... This is THAT simple!

Information you need to have first:

1) Serial number of your cell phone
2) HBOOT version number
3) HTC FastBoot drivers
4) Super User file: superuser

5) Uninstall HTC Sync drivers (or any other auto-sync programs you may have on your computer; you may just need to turn them "off"; I don't know.)

6) Set phone to USB Debugging on, and Always awake

To get into HBOOT, turn your phone off. Then press the volume down button along with the power button. Press and hold, and within 5 seconds it'll come on. This method supports versions 1.04.0000 and 1.05.0000.

Step-by-step Revolutionary rooting instructions:

Step 1) Install HTC FastBoot driver

Step 2) Go to REVOLUTIONARY and follow the instructions to download the file It will require you to know your cell phone's serial number, and what version of HBOOT you have.

Step 3) Plug your phone in, select "usb storage", and copy the Super User file to the SDCard somewhere (easiest if you don't put it into a folder on your SD card.) Don't unzip it. 

Step 4) Plug in your phone, and when the prompt comes up, set to "Charge Only". Disregard any notices and don't install any additional drivers or whatnot.

Step 5) Unzip the Revolutionary zip file into a folder somewhere you can find it.

Step 6) Run the file "revolutionary.exe".

Step 7) Follow the prompts on the screen. It's pretty straightforward. It will reboot to HBOOT a couple times, the last time you'll see it at the top saying "S-Off".

Step 8) It asks you if you want to install clockwork recovery. Select "Y". You'll need this...

You now have a permanent custom recovery on your phone.

Now to actually Root it:

Step 9) From the HBOOT, scroll down to "Bootloader" using the volume keys, and select using the power button. Then scroll/select "Recovery" Yes, it seems sluggish...that's fine. Don't be impatient; it'll let you scroll at some point...

Step 10) Wait! You'll see the HTC spash screen for a bit, and then eventually you'll be into Clockwork Recovery

Step 11) Scroll to "install zip from sdcard" and select.

Step 12) Scroll to "choose zip from sdcard"

Step 13) Find the super user file ( (it'll be at the bottom of the directory list if you put it in the base directory of the sd card) and select it.

Step 14) Sit back and watch the quick show... If all goes well, it will install and show you when it's finished.

Step 15) Reboot the phone (keep selecting "back" until you have the option to reboot the phone)

If you are getting Force Closes from Superuser after you are finished, please reboot into Clockwork Recovery and FIX PERMISSIONS. 

YOU'RE NOW ROOTED!!! On a STOCK ROM! No loss of data. No re-setup. Nothing... 

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