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Monday, June 4, 2012



Video tutorial

I've spent pretty much all day on this and wanted to get it out as soon as possible. There have been a lot of scripts floating around there that have a lot of great features, but not one that single-handedly did everything I wanted for my specific Rezound. Therefore, I've developed rEZoundRoot to help make the Rezound rooting process a little easier.

All you have to do is download the .zip file and extract it to somewhere on your hard drive. Then, copy your unique Unlock_code.bin that you obtained previously into the /tools/ folder and run the script. Follow the instructions and you're good to go!

UPDATE 1/4/2011: Fixed some typos, changed the recovery to install Amon Ra instead of Clockwork Mod, and fixed an issue where adb did not wait for the device before pushing ZergRush... Sorry for those who were having issues with getting root from the script.

UPDATE 1/31/2012: Actually added the Amon Ra recovery.img to the package. Previously had overlooked this and it was still installing the old version of Clockwork Mod.

UPDATE 3/5/2012: Updated to version 1.5 in order to reflect the most recent rooting process. Got rid of the Zerg Rush method because it's pretty much irrelevant now. Allows for either temp or perm pushing of Amon Ra recovery, which allows for the pushing of Superuser and SU per the provided instructions. Eventually I'd like to include the stock RUU in order to get those of us who didn't grab the OTA download all set up, but for right now I'm leaving it out to cut down on size. As always, leave questions in the comments. By the way... In case you haven't noticed by now, the text in the screenshot is red. The text in the actual program is blue. I'm not color blind, I'm just too lazy to update the screenshot... But you already knew that, didn't you?

Root Micromax A85 Superfone

Root Micromax A85 Superfone

Micromax A75 is one of cheapest Android Phones. Due to Micromax branding, phone has done good in terms of sales, Thanks to brand awareness of Micromax and their marketing. It is lighter version of Micromax A85 Superfone, and both the phones are not known for high level performance. It is having tough competition from Samsung Galaxy Y, but those who purchase these phones are not satisfied with them at all. The most common reason is these phones can’t be rooted, and there are only few custom ROMs being developed.

Other disappointing point for advanced users was that they are unavailable to root these phones. But, now it is no longer impossible task. Since, an Android Developer, Ninad Chaudhary has developed the ways to root these both phones. Obviously, steps are tricky, and you need technical knowledge to apply this process. In due course of this article, we are going to show you how you can root Micromax Superfone A85 and Micromax Superfone A75 Android phones. We have tried to simply process for you, to make it easy to root your Micromax Devices, in two different sections, based on A75 or A85 Phone models.
Disclaimer: Rooting your Micromax Superfone A85 or A75 would void warranty. There is risk involved in this process, as your device can get bricked, damaged, or even can stop working after trying to root. This tutorial article is meant for educational purpose more, and doesn’t offers any warranty or liability against each step. We or developer should not be held responsible if anything happens wrong with your device, after following the steps, you should try the steps at your own responsibility. Though, we have not got chance to test this phones personally, so you should take care before rooting these phones.
  • Download Latest Micromax Drivers installed in your PC, and also ensure that you have Data Cable available to enable connectivity of phone with your PC.
  • You need to make sure that your Micromax Phone have battery charge at least 70% before starting the rooting process.
  • Backup all the data, including SMS, Data, Call Logs, Contacts, APN and MMS Settings, and everything else, as this method would wipe all the data from the phone.
  • Disable Firewall or Antivirus Apps in your device, to eliminate the conflict.
  • Enable the USB Debugging Mode in your phone, navigate to “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”. You have to disconnect the phone from computer to turn on the USB debugging mode. As per developer’s suggestion, you can install ADB Drivers from other sources, if device drivers are not available.

Part 1: How to Root Micromax A85 Superfone on Android 2.3.4

Step 1: You need to download Micromax A85 Rooting Package and extract it in you PC. Download Link.
Step 2: After downloading the file, open the archive and find the file named boot.img’ from the 2.3.4 upgrade package to the ‘new-boot.img, ensure to remove the original file before replacing.
Step 3: Flash the phone with provided boot.
Step 4: Connect the Micromax Device to Computer. Ensure that it is connected successfully in Device Manager of your PC.
Step 4: After connecting the device, open the directory of extracted package, and find and run the file ‘run_me.bat’..
Step 5: Your phone has successfully rooted, and you have installed BUSYBOX.
If you have faced any problem while installing or trying to Root the device with above mentioned steps, you should consult with developer here.

Part 2: How to Root Micromax A75 Superfone Lite

Developer Ninad Chaudhary has done awesome Job, he has finally developed method of Rooting Micromax A75. The same root can be applied for Fly IQ270. As you might aware, this phone was not rooted by anyone else, but now it is possible with this tricky tutorial. All you need to follow the steps carefully.
Step 1: You need to Download ROOT4.7z
Step 2: Check the system.img extracted file for checksum using HASH TAB.
for SHA512
FEFB2F46622F0F5B0166F8B1696DB0A6E82E98CC05F43D3005 C9C2493B1BB92D3F363E83E883E7956BDBD495C6AC9EF43A5F DFB5F703F5566D39BA772745C002
for Whirlpool
C0C3F3954C5514A0FC4AE4A60FBA1C38AFB97B82064CECDB3D 0C513AD8F13CDA70310DA024D53A8CB4FC3F5D7BC40479EF67 CF3AF3D180F9DC31ADFB621C877A
Step 3: Now, you need to replace the System.img from the update package, which you have downloaded. For yoru comfort, here are those instructions:
  • You need to download three files. Flash Files | SP flash tool | Drivers
  • Install the drivers you downloaded, and then restart the device to complete the drivers installation.
  • Now, run Flash Tool (Downloaded in Step 1), and then select scatter file ‘MT6573_Android_scatter.txt, and in ‘Downloading Agent’ select MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin. Ensure to uncheck the Preloader option.
  • Now, run the Download. If 404 Not Found Error is coming, simply select files one by one, which includes DSP_BL, UBOOT and few more.
  • When interface asks the phone to connect to the PC, then simply turn off the phone and now plugin. In the few minutes, your phone is flashed.
Step 4: Then flash the device, using instructions in update. After doing this, you need to restart your Micromax A75 Superfone lite.
Step 5: Your device has been rooted. But it is reported that the phone users had faced Wi-Fi connectivity issues after installing this Root. Firstly you should try to Reset the IP. If nothing works, then simply do the following:
  • Download Wi-Fi Fix Patch, which would fix permissions as well. If USB Debugging mode is enabled, connect the phone to PC.
  • Find the file. ‘run_me.bat’ from the package, and run the same file, which will Install Busybox and also will fix Wi-Fi issues in your phone.
If you face any difficulty or problem while using this procedure, you can ask directly to developer.



deveoped by Ninad (aka, ninadchaudhari)


As you know this phone cannot be rooted by current popular common exploits 

After a lot of work with almost 5 zips, more than 1Gb of bandwidth and countless hours, finally the phone is rooted 

You can just download the ROOT4.7z from here:

-- This is Mandatory Check the extracted system.img for checksum with HASH TAB 


SHA512 :

FEFB2F46622F0F5B0166F8B1696DB0A6E82E98CC05F43D3005 C9C2493B1BB92D3F363E83E883E7956BDBD495C6AC9EF43A5F DFB5F703F5566D39BA772745C002


C0C3F3954C5514A0FC4AE4A60FBA1C38AFB97B82064CECDB3D 0C513AD8F13CDA70310DA024D53A8CB4FC3F5D7BC40479EF67 CF3AF3D180F9DC31ADFB621C877A
  1. -- Now replace this system.img with the one from the update package.
  2. -- Follow the exact way you flash your device from the new update
  3. -- Restart your device
  4. -- Follow the instructions over here WIFI and BUSYBOX
  • -- Voila , you are ROOTED !
  • -- Wifi Fixed
  • -- Busybox Installed

Fixing WIFI and Installing BUSYBOX 

-- JUST Extract the package and Execute the EXE file Just one click !!

Flashing instructions : 

Am getting few PMs on how to flash A75. Thought I would post it as a separate thread to avoid confusion.

Here is the link for the s/w ( a previous version of wat we downloaded.)

Please follow this method to flash.

Install the drivers given in the forum. (The MT65x3 folder - Install driver file). Then restart the system.

Driver file: You can download drivers from here: 

Run SP flash tool. Choose the scatter file (MT6573_Android_scatter.txt) and Downloading agent (MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin).


Then run Download. ( if file not found error comes, choose each file individally DSP_BL, UBOOT etc..)

When the s/w scans for the phone, plug in the phone(switched off).

Flashing complete. 

I will recommend ppl to use ROM -> UB-A75-1 it is much better 

Special thanks for karthik947 (<--- for constantly and promptly trying my last 5 experiments and assuring me that he won't complain even if his phone goes to thrash  )

also : 

Karanpr ( you can find him in this color !)

abhishek for beta testing the one click wifi fix tools

Sam for giving the Simple idea of Logcat ( team work yields  Do not know even after sooo many things i tried just a elementary logcat did'nt click me )
rudrateja ( for trying the very first experiment ! but later got busy !!  )

plz do not quote the entire post

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Root Micromax A73

Root Micromax A73

Micromax A73 Dual SIM Superfone Buzz has lots of amazing features. The looks that the phone has are something one would die for. Here are the leading specifications of the handset that would make the picture clearer:

Micromax A73 Features and Specifications

  • 3.5-inch Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Dual GSM SIM
  • Running on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Powerful 650 MHz processor
  • 2 MP Full Focus Camera equipped with LED flash
  • Expandable memory up to 32GB with MicroSD
  • FM Radio
  • 1300 mAh battery
  • 3G (HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and HSUPA 5.76 Mbps),Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, GPS
Of course, owners of this Superfone Buzz may be flying high because they are getting such hi-tech features in their android that would surely give them the best level of satisfaction. But some apps that have been loaded on A73 are completely useless and thus you may want to get rid of them. Now, here comes the need to root Micromax A73.
Rooting procedures are mind boggling because they help in making the android device free and, post rooting the user has complete control over the operating system. This provides real thrill to those who want to enhance the features and user experience on their android. But rooting is actually a risky procedure. Thus we recommend that people with not so good technical knowledge must keep away from such procedures. Just read the disclaimer as given below before rooting.
Disclaimer: Rooting an android phone makes the warranty of the phone void. Apart from this, some other risks that may be involved include the risk of bricking, risk of the phone getting damaged as well as loss of important data. Thus we recommend that you should not root the phone unless and until you have the desired confidence levels or at least you know what you are doing.

Note: It is important to note that developer msj003 on android forum has tested this rooting procedure successfully just a few days back. We rely on this information and provide you the rooting procedure in that context.

Root Micromax A73

Download Unlock Root tool from here: on your PC.
Now, check USB debugging. This can be done on your phone with: Settings->Applications and enabling the USB Debugging.
Keep the phone charged to the extent of 60-70 percent. This is because, if in between the procedure, the charging gets drained, the entire process will go waste.
Open Unlock root tool and click on Root.
Select the device.
Now, just wait for a while. You are done.
Soon, after the procedure is over your device will achieve root access. Once you root the phone, you can remove bloatware, add important apps and manage your Android independently.

 Some more information about Unlock Root Tool

Talking about Unlock Root Tool it is important to note that with this one can root about 250 different handsets. Many manufacturers are covered under this and most popular of them like  HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung,  Huawei, Dell, Asus and Acer. Many other less-known manufacturers models are also covered.
With the help of Unlock Root, even the first-time rooters won’t face any problems and also there is no tension of the android device getting bricked. This tool supports Android Eclair 2.1, Froyo 2.2, and Gingerbread 2.3. In the short time you will also be able to expect support for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich because there is a lot of demand for this on the customers’ part. Now, with the help of this tool as available at the official website of Unlock Root, you can root your high-end or entry-level android device.

How to root Micromax A70

How to root Micromax A70

Rooting comes with several pros and several cons. While you decide to root an android you must weigh the risk benefit ratio and based on that you must move ahead. For app developers and android developers this is a passion. I am sure they would never get into such weighing measures or so. These geeks would be desperate to test the root process. Micromax A70 is an amazing android device, but not much has been tried, tested and written about this. I am sure many new developers might have tried rooting Micromax A70, but might have remained unsatisfied with the results. But in reality, rooting and unrooting Micromax A70 is very simple as compared to other Android phones. The credit for this simple procedure goes to ‘Z4 Root app‘. So, here’s the Step by Step Process to know How to Root Micromax A70 and Install Custom ClockworkMod Recovery 4 with Rom Manager. But before you try that read the disclaimer as given below:
Disclaimer: It must be noted that we shall not be responsible for any damage caused to your Micromax A70 due to rooting procedure. However, if you have any doubts you can contact us and we will surely help you. has produced the given information with care but rooting the phone makes its warranty void. Root it at your own risk.

Root Micromax A70 step by step

  1. The first step is to download Z4Root v1.3 from here.
  2. After that install it using any file manager.
  3. Now enable USB Debugging with this way, go to settings>applications>development and enable usb debugging.
  4. Now after that start Z4Root and click on root.
You will be given a choice that whether you wish to root Micromax A70 with complete root or soft root. The basic difference is, when you wish to do unrooting of complete root, you will have to use the same app again along with hard root. In case of soft root merely rebooting the device will unroot the handset.

Difference between Soft root and Hard root.

Soft root: Many people just want to try rooting to test something or just to try it out to see how’s theperformance after the phone is rooted. They might not want their phones to be rooted permanently. For them, soft root is handy since once the phone is restarted, it reverses all the rooting process done and makes the phone unrooted as it was earlier before rooting. So once you switch off your phone after this process, the root access is gone !

Hard root: This method will root your device permanently and it stays rooted even after restarting your phone. This method is mostly used. Even though this root is permanent, this can also be reversed if you want with the same rooting tool. Since rooting voids the phone’s warranty, unrooting or reversing the process comes in when you need claim the warranty.

ClockworkMod Recovery with ROM manager app

Note: This process is not needed if you want to only root your phone. This process will only help you to enhance the features of your rooted phone.
Now, since you have rooted the phone, it would be great to try ClockworkMod Recovery with ROM manager app. This is something that will make your Android phone highly functional. With this functionality you can take up partitioning your memory card, zip file flashing etc. For this procedure you will require a Rooted Micromax A70, the device battery to be charged at 50-60% for avoiding any sort of hampering, ROM manager App ( You can download it from Android market from your phone:  ROM manager ) and internet connection on your phone. Before you start download and install ROM manager App from Android Market or Google play now. Once you have installed that, follow the instructions below:

InstructionsROM manager on Micromax A70

  • First open ROM Manager and then select the Flash ClockWorkModRecovery (The first option).
  • Once you do that, you will get the list of devices as pop up and you need to select A70.
  • Now, let the download complete. This will definitely take some time and also it will install a few files.
  • When this is done tap Reboot Into Recovery.
  • Congrats, your Micromax A70 will be reboot into ClockWorkModRecovery.
It is vital to note that in this you will now have to use volume rocker for up and down movement and the power key will be the button for selection. Also if you have a Micromax A75 with you then you can check out how to root Micromax A75 here.

Rooting Micromax A60

Rooting Micromax A60

Rooting Process
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________

to root the phone-

use Universal Androot and its soo easy-download it from here-Universal Androot the apk file
2.use root explorer already installed on the device,and install the universalandroot 
3.and then simply click root and.... bingo u are done with it ..

the phone has no force closes due to this and u can anytime unroot the device using dont worry about it

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________
Battery Life
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________

to increase the battery life do the following set cpu
-either buy it from market or get it from other source(google it people)
2.root the phone if you haven't done it already
3.start set cpu and goto profiles tab enable profiles on add profile
a)click charging ac/full-600 max and 600 min
b)charging usb/full -600 max and 600 min
c)charging /full-480 max and 480 min
d)temp>50C-480 max and 122 min
e)screen off-122 max and 122 min
f)battery <31% -245 max and 122 min

6.Word of advice is to -a)turn off auto sync 
b)use only a single home replacement app,f you are using multiple like launcher pro ,adw with the 
default launcher,then use home manager(free from market)and then kill the other 
running home launchers
c)and also use a very light on resources home screen setup,like the one that i use(the launcher is 
launcher pro)(the screenshots in the attachment)

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________
Tools & Bootanimations
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________

1.USB driver-Find It Here

2.Flashing tools for a60 (for flashing the recovery and other files ) -Click here

thanks amansingh6940 for those reuploads 

3.Android theme editor -Get it here

PS-tutorial for using the theme editor-Tutorial Here

thanks to prateek.maac for this share 

4.Bootanimation thread -Get it here

thanks to rushank2112 for the creation of the thread 

5.Micromax a60 Hardware information thread -Get it here

thanks to harpayara for the creation of the thread 

6.SuperPhone Bootanimation -Get it here

thanks to amansingh6940 
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________

0.Complete a60 Noob Guide for everything custom-The a60 noob guide

thanks lucky Dogra for his efforts

A.How to access the Recovery Console-Recovery Console-How to access

thanks manju991 for this one

B.How to manage with limited memory-Manage with Limited memory

C.How to install apps on your sd card(this not exactly installing them on sd rather making a symbolic link on the sd card)


1.Download the file from here-Download Links2sd

2.Install the app

3.Download the partitioning tool from here-Minitool Partitioning Wizard

4.Install the above software on your computer

5.Now connect the phone via usb to your computer and mount it

6.Start the partition wizard application on your computer

7.Select the mounted drive

8.Right click on the device and select resize

9.Resize your sd card to a suitable limit and leave some unallocated free space

10.Now select that unallocated space and right click and selct modify

11.Now select the format option of ext3 from the drop down list

12.Now come to the home window of the software and on the bottom left side you have an option called apply the pending changes,select that.

13.After the changes have been applied exit the application and then dismount the drive 

14.Power off the phone and then remove the sd card once and then reinsert it again and restart he phone

15.Once you are done with that,start the application link2sd and then you are ready to the application you see to you allocated ext2 partition 

~CAUTION!!!!~ not link any system app
2.don't link widgets and home launchers like launcher pro or adw
3.and don't link any antivirus app...

"go on enjoy freeing up space in the internal memory"

D.How to Flash Stock Rom Dump

Link here

1.First of all download the recovery image I posted and extract it in the root of your SD card.
2.Rename the image to "recovery-backup.img".
3.Download "Recovery flasher"-Recovery Flasher
4.Install and start it,then press "Restore Backup image" button.

credits to fonehacker for this

E.Tutorial for changing the font color of Clock and Notifications in Statusbar-See it here

thanks to rushank12 for his efforts

F.Customize your android phone COMPLETELY-Customization Tutorial

Credits to borax12 for the tutorial 

G.How to install Custom Recovery-Custom Recovery installation tutorial easy way

Credits to kjain9878 for the tutorial 

H.How to remove Netlock Code-Remove NetLock Code problem with some custom roms

Credits to H M Judge for the tutorial 

I.How to solve APN problem in Froyo for a60-Remove APN problem occurring in some froyo based roms

Credits to Lucky Dogra for the tutorial 

J.The battery saving guide for a60-Battery saving tips for android phones

Credits to H M Judge for the guide

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________
Rom Dumps
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________

Complete rom dump


this is a complete rom dump with the system partitions,using rom dump from here-Rom Dump tool from Android podtwo

2.Link2 (Newer)

3.Another link if above two dont work -Click Here


How to flash it

to flash the second rom dump use the steps given in the document uploaded in this post-Steps to flash the Rom dump

credits to rudie_techie,and ngage_me for their efforts

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________
Custom Recovery
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________

Final tested version -clockwork recovery(display issue fixed)

This is the one you need to download-Final Clockwork recovery

The custom recovery thread

Click Here

a big thanks to drellisdee for his efforts 

2.Clockwork mod recovery v5 -LATEST

Latest CWM v5 recovery for a60

a big thanks to ngage_me for his efforts 
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________

1.Reboot Menu to Power Menu: -

Click Here

thanks to svprm for this great share 

2.To use gtalk on your phone -Find Out here

thanks krishna for this great find 

3.Phone Video Recording upgrade to 640*480 at 29fps -click here

thanks harpayara for this great effort 

4.Phone Video Recording upgrade 2 -click here

thanks harpayara for this great effort

5.Chrome browser mod+miren browser -click here

thanks varun.chitre15 for this great effort 

6.Adobe Flash Player 11 for a60 -click here

thanks harpayara for this great effort 

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________
Custom Roms
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________


How to Install Custom Rom -Click Here for the instructions 

Thanks to andro.king for the effort to write the document 

ROM List

1.Final Froyo Port -(from n720 zte phone rom dump)(Everything working) -Final Froyo Port-Stable

(credits to samrox,santodelaespada(for the rom dump of n720 FROYO),Varun ,Preet,ngage_me & the entire A60 FROYO TEAM

PS- Well if anybody is interested in just getting the zte rom dump(this is not a rom to flash ,this is only if you want to develop a rom off this one ,then this link is for you )

Zte Rom Dump

~Credits to santodelaespada for providing us with this ~

2.Another Froyo working port -Froyo Port -working 

credits to kjain9878 and sam 

3.First Froyo Port(partially working)-Click here 

thanks to varun for taking the pains to port the froyo rom over to a60

4.Jet Rom

Jet ROM 2.1 -Froyo Rom with the best benchmark scores

IMP- GPS fix for Jet 2.1- Click Here

JET ROM 1.0 

Jet 1.2

Thanks to varun.chitre15 for developing this rom 

5.Cyanogen Mod 7 port -not fully working-Cyanogen mod 7 port 

thanks to fonehackezhs for making it 

6.Eclair Rom-Rom by svprm

thanks a ton to svprm for the wonderful effort

7.MIUI forked RomNot fully working -Link for the MIUI based rom

credits to maniacscorpio 

8.The Sense Rom-Sense Rom 

credits to 1lshara

PS-bugs at the moment-cannot authorize the application requiring account authorization(the onles including redirection to account verification pages in the browser)cause force close of the browser.credits to 1Ishara for finding this out

UPDATED -Sense With WP7 style

9.Cyanogen Mod 7 Port-Cm7 

credits to sam,varun & rohan & kjain9878 

PS-bugs at the moment-

10.Kul rom- Get it here*

credits to H M Judge 

11.SpeedY RoM Version 1- Get it here*

credits to bhanu423 

12.Freeks Rom Version 1- Get it here*

credits to Rohan Arya 

13.Freeks Rom Version 2- Get it here*

credits to Rohan Arya 
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________

0.Xperia Theme for Froyo for a60Get It here

thanks to varun for his efforts

1.Colored settings themeGet It here

thanks to rushank for his efforts

2.BX density theme-Get it here

thanks to by takshak for his efforts

3.Complete Black theme

Get it here

thanks to svprm for this great share 

4.Sony Xperia Theme for a60
Sony Xperia Theme for a60

Thanks to varun for making it 

5.New themes for andro a60
New Themes

thanks to prateek.maac for this share 

6.The Custom Droid theme for a60
Click here to get it 

thanks to deep@androidxda for the efforts 

7.Dark Purity theme for a60
Click here to get it 

thanks to deep@androidxda for the efforts 

8.'Androidian' theme for a60
Click here

thanks to himsin for the efforts 

Click here

thanks to varun.chitre15 for the efforts

10. Ambiance Theme for a60
Click here

thanks to rushank2112 for the efforts
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________ 
About Borax12 & TechTurning 
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________

TechTurning has a Website!!-TechTurning-Keep Imbibing the geek Culture

Our Youtube Channel-We're on Youtube

Borax12's Twitter page-Follow me

TechTurnings on Facebook Too !!--TechTurning on FB

Borax12's an Artist -Borax12's portfolio

Borax12' Often Shares his Source code too,btw hes an android Developer too-Borax12's Github

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