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Sunday, August 19, 2012


So friends we welcome you for the tutorials of HTC CHACHA and we can able to install custom recoverys os cwm....
I have spent 4 hours today attempting to get root on my HTC Chacha. I’ve spent many more hours in the past trying this, too, and today I finally got it.
The most important move in all of this is getting into the bootloader. Firstly you must turn fastboot off – and this is done through the normal OS – by selecting Menu->Settings->Power->Fastboot (ensure this is unticked). To get into the bootloader, from now on, do this – power off the phone. Next, hold down the “volume down” button while pressing the power button. You will get a boot screen that looks like the following:
My HTC Chacha Boot Screen Before Unlocking
My HTC Chacha Boot Screen Before Unlocking
You will note that my phone (bought from Amazon in the UK) has S-On.
I tried everything I could think of. I downloaded a goldcard making application but could never make it work. Nothing was successful until I found this post:
In case it is deleted I will reproduce parts of it here as it was exactly what I went through to unlock and root my phone.

Backing Up

Needless to say you should back up your phone. Why? Because the next stage will result in your phone being wiped and returned to factory default stage. I didn’t realise this and lost all my data. You can be smarter than me.

Follow HTC’s Bootloader Unlock Steps

Go to You will have to register an account on the website with an e-mail address, username, and password. Next – you choose the device type you want to unlock.
Select the Device Type (HTC Chacha) from HTC's Website
Select the Device Type (HTC Chacha) from HTC's Website
Follow the instructions. It will start with (probably) flashing a new version of HBOOT onto your phone.
I had a problem with this as the application would fail to connect to the bootloader from Windows 7 64-bit. The solution to this was found at and required one to go to the start button, type “Device Manager”<enter>, under Other Devices there was an “Android Device” – right click on that and select “Update Driver Software…”, select “Browse my computer for driver software”, select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”, and select “My HTC”, click “Next”. Now re-run the HTC HBOOT application again.
After a successful HBOOT upgrade the boot screen looks like this:
HTC Chacha Bootloader After Unlocking
HTC Chacha Bootloader After Unlocking
Just continue following the instructions given. Eventually you’ll receive an e-mail with a key to use in the process.
If you successfully follow the instructions you’ll end up with a bootloader screen that looks like the following:
Boot Screen After Following All The HTC Bootloader Unlock Instructions
Boot Screen After Following All The HTC Bootloader Unlock Instructions

Getting Root

Now you need to get root. To do this you can use something called “ZergRush” (apparently named after the game Starcraft). This gets temporary root on the phone which is used to then install “su”. I downloaded a first version which didn’t have the necessary zergRush utility. I then found the one I needed and here is a magnet (torrent) link magnet:?xt=urn:btih:F8E51F8557F49C26A76B191F04763CAC1F33AED6& link to It was a matter of extracting the zip and running the batch file (although I did each step manually).

Putting ClockworkMod Recovery On

I had to put the clockworkmod recovery application on manually. The ClockworkMod application can be installed from the Marketplace but it won’t install the recovery part because the Chacha isn’t a recognised device. You can install it manually and to do so you need to obtain from somewhere (I got it from a link from this postwhich linked to However I suggest you try this magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1CDE3E990246F017B9148FF1D97DB3F3A2D1B658& magnet link.
One you have this zip file you need to extract “recover.img” from it. Then put your phone into the bootloader, select “fastboot”, and plug in the USB cable.
Next run the following command from your Android SDK toolkit: fastboot flash recovery c:\temp\recovery.img (or wherever you put the recovery.img file).
All done! You can now get into clockworkmod recovery!

CyanogenMod 7.2.0

Next I visited the xdadevelopers thread on mods for the HTC ChaCha. I downloaded the CyanogenMod mod (release number 20120201-0150) and copied it to my sdcard root – then restarted in clockworkmod recovery (making a backup first, of course) and installed CyanogenMod. I also downloaded the google apps from the same forum thread – and used clockworkmod recovery to install this zip file, too.
My HTC ChaCha Running CyanogenMod 7.2.0
My HTC ChaCha Running CyanogenMod 7.2.0
Finally! A dialer that doesn’t crash my phone! That’s the second time I had to move to CyanogenMod to escape HTC’s atrocious and dysfunctional software development (on the Desire Z the messaging service took minutes to send messages, on the ChaCha the dialer would always crash).
CyanogenMod Details on HTC ChaCha Phone
CyanogenMod Details on HTC ChaCha Phone


I almost wish I found these earlier:


Thanks to: who have liked this article so much they are re-using the images of my phone.
I’m pleased that by going to the effort of documenting what I did I am making life a little bit easier for others.

Update 2012-07-30

I’m now using CyanogenMod ROM build from 2012-07-24 which is available at (torrent) magnet link magnet:?xt=urn:btih:825E19D3E67E6630CB2C5D604E748131B6BE0F61& It’s also available from the link at the xda-developers thread. The below screenshot shows the Settings -> About Phone screen for this ROM.
HTC Chacha Running CyanogenMod 7 Built 2012-07-24

Monday, June 4, 2012



Video tutorial

I've spent pretty much all day on this and wanted to get it out as soon as possible. There have been a lot of scripts floating around there that have a lot of great features, but not one that single-handedly did everything I wanted for my specific Rezound. Therefore, I've developed rEZoundRoot to help make the Rezound rooting process a little easier.

All you have to do is download the .zip file and extract it to somewhere on your hard drive. Then, copy your unique Unlock_code.bin that you obtained previously into the /tools/ folder and run the script. Follow the instructions and you're good to go!

UPDATE 1/4/2011: Fixed some typos, changed the recovery to install Amon Ra instead of Clockwork Mod, and fixed an issue where adb did not wait for the device before pushing ZergRush... Sorry for those who were having issues with getting root from the script.

UPDATE 1/31/2012: Actually added the Amon Ra recovery.img to the package. Previously had overlooked this and it was still installing the old version of Clockwork Mod.

UPDATE 3/5/2012: Updated to version 1.5 in order to reflect the most recent rooting process. Got rid of the Zerg Rush method because it's pretty much irrelevant now. Allows for either temp or perm pushing of Amon Ra recovery, which allows for the pushing of Superuser and SU per the provided instructions. Eventually I'd like to include the stock RUU in order to get those of us who didn't grab the OTA download all set up, but for right now I'm leaving it out to cut down on size. As always, leave questions in the comments. By the way... In case you haven't noticed by now, the text in the screenshot is red. The text in the actual program is blue. I'm not color blind, I'm just too lazy to update the screenshot... But you already knew that, didn't you?



deveoped by Ninad (aka, ninadchaudhari)


As you know this phone cannot be rooted by current popular common exploits 

After a lot of work with almost 5 zips, more than 1Gb of bandwidth and countless hours, finally the phone is rooted 

You can just download the ROOT4.7z from here:

-- This is Mandatory Check the extracted system.img for checksum with HASH TAB 


SHA512 :

FEFB2F46622F0F5B0166F8B1696DB0A6E82E98CC05F43D3005 C9C2493B1BB92D3F363E83E883E7956BDBD495C6AC9EF43A5F DFB5F703F5566D39BA772745C002


C0C3F3954C5514A0FC4AE4A60FBA1C38AFB97B82064CECDB3D 0C513AD8F13CDA70310DA024D53A8CB4FC3F5D7BC40479EF67 CF3AF3D180F9DC31ADFB621C877A
  1. -- Now replace this system.img with the one from the update package.
  2. -- Follow the exact way you flash your device from the new update
  3. -- Restart your device
  4. -- Follow the instructions over here WIFI and BUSYBOX
  • -- Voila , you are ROOTED !
  • -- Wifi Fixed
  • -- Busybox Installed

Fixing WIFI and Installing BUSYBOX 

-- JUST Extract the package and Execute the EXE file Just one click !!

Flashing instructions : 

Am getting few PMs on how to flash A75. Thought I would post it as a separate thread to avoid confusion.

Here is the link for the s/w ( a previous version of wat we downloaded.)

Please follow this method to flash.

Install the drivers given in the forum. (The MT65x3 folder - Install driver file). Then restart the system.

Driver file: You can download drivers from here: 

Run SP flash tool. Choose the scatter file (MT6573_Android_scatter.txt) and Downloading agent (MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin).


Then run Download. ( if file not found error comes, choose each file individally DSP_BL, UBOOT etc..)

When the s/w scans for the phone, plug in the phone(switched off).

Flashing complete. 

I will recommend ppl to use ROM -> UB-A75-1 it is much better 

Special thanks for karthik947 (<--- for constantly and promptly trying my last 5 experiments and assuring me that he won't complain even if his phone goes to thrash  )

also : 

Karanpr ( you can find him in this color !)

abhishek for beta testing the one click wifi fix tools

Sam for giving the Simple idea of Logcat ( team work yields  Do not know even after sooo many things i tried just a elementary logcat did'nt click me )
rudrateja ( for trying the very first experiment ! but later got busy !!  )

plz do not quote the entire post

Sunday, June 3, 2012




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Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to Root HTC Incredible S – Tutorial

How to Root HTC Incredible S – Tutorial

While Samsung chooses to simplify its products when it comes to Android by keeping things open to its users in terms of customization Motorola and of the latest HTC too joined to bandwagon to strengthen their phones thy making it difficult for its users to root or customize their phones. If you are some what creative and wants to try new things or customize your Androidthen Motorola with its thunderbolt and Incredible S will disappoint you. Though there’s no permanent root solution available for the Incredible S users, we have managed to bring on a temporary make shift solution with which you will be able to root your HTC Incredible S.
Please note that rooting voids the warranty, though the warranty can be claimed back once the device is un rooted, as it’s just a temporary root, the Incredible S can be un rooted just with the help of a simple restarting of the device. Basically there are two types of rooting methods, one is the permanent root and another one is the temporary root. In the permanent root even if you reboot the device the device will stay rooted but whereas in the temporary rooting process with the help of a simple reboot, the device will be un rooted. Though both has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, as of now since only temporary root is available, we will see on how you can temporary root your phone. Please note that this process is only applicable for HTC’s Incredible S and to not any other phone, if you apply the below mentioned procedure for any other HTC’s device then there’s a high potential that you may end up bricking your device.
Before proceeding to the procedure on how to root the HTC Incredible S, make sure that battery is charged to a minimum of 50% or else your device will get switched off in the middle of the process due to which the rooting process will not be completed. Also, additionally its recommended to create a backup of all the data which is there in your phone in the computer as in an unlikely event you may lose all the data which is present in your phone. Rooting has its own set of advantages and disadvantages the major advantage being that it unlocks the potential of device.

Procedure to Root HTC Incredible S:

  • First up you will have to download and install the ADB in your computer which can be done by following the instructional procedure only after which you will have to proceed, but before that you will have to turn on the USB debugging in your incredible S which can be turned ON by pressing the “Menu” key first then “Settings” > “Applications” > “Development”. Now here you will find an option of “USB debugging”, select the option and just accept the warning which it will pop up. It’s very important to put the device in the USB debugging and also important to go through the ADB setup process without which it’s not advised to proceed.
  • Now, next up you will have to download the Rooting package which you will have to unzip the same and need to place in the location path c:\adb after which you will have to connect the phone to the computer.
  • —–loop—–
  • Now, open the command prompt and key in the “cmd” and then you will have to make use of the change directory command so that the directory in which you have placed the rooting file can be accessed.
  • Next up type in the “pushroot” and enter the same, basically this will push in the pushroot.bat file.
  • After this type in adb shell /data/local/tmp/getroot and after that type in adb shelland press enter.
  • After typing in the above commands, you will now be prompted as # after which you will have to type in /data/local/tmp/pushroot.
That’s it you have now successfully rooted the HTC Incredible S, so from now whenever the device get un rooted, you will have to just enter the commands from the —-loop—- which is mentioned above. Do let us know if you get stuck anywhere as we will help you to get out of from there. Please note that as soon as we find a way with which you can Permanent Root HTC Incredible S, we will sure update with an article on how to root, so stay tuned to 

What is Android Rooting and its Advantages or Disadvantages?

What is Android Rooting and its Advantages or Disadvantages?

When we buy any phone, what are the things which we look for looks, application support, speed and of late the ROM too? Today we will know why it is becoming a necessity to root your swanky new phone, what are the benefits, advantages and also disadvantages of rooting. Rooting may sometimes be dangerous for your phone if not done properly; it can even make your device not usable which is just a word of caution. So, lets check it out, what is rooting?
What is rooting?
Rooting basically provides you the admin rights which allows you to gain access to the read only files which you are generally not allowed to edit. So, if you know Linux and you know what you are doing then you can just do anything in your phone, right from changing the user interface to unlocking the new level of potential, you can just do anything. This makes a great sense rather to a developer than a normal person. This is the most sensitive thing as when you are applying some changes to your phone keep in mind that they are correct as even a bit of a wrong can make turn your great phone to a brick, i mean useless.
What is rooting?
Rooting basically provides you the admin rights which allows you to gain access to the read only files which you are generally not allowed to edit. So, if you know Linux and you know what you are doing then you can just do anything in your phone, right from changing the user interface to unlocking the new level of potential, you can just do anything. This makes a great sense rather to a developer than a normal person. This is the most sensitive thing as when you are applying some changes to your phone keep in mind that they are correct as even a bit of a wrong can make turn your great phone to a brick, i mean useless.
What are the advantages?
The list of top 5 advantages is that if you are a developer, you can customize the user interface of your Android phone, with tools like cyanogen you can boost up the overall phone’s performance but that’s again quite a risky thing, you can also easily tether your Wi Fi or blue tooth with android’s Wi-Fi tether, you can also modify the on screen key board as its original on screen keyboard has some issues. There’s also an unofficial multi touch support on G1 which one can enable via rooting. Adding to the list, one can also unlock the bonus apps and can use widgets of other build.
Advantage ROM: Once you have cracked the boot loader and entered the root access, you can now install custom software into your android phone. Basically ROM stores your Operating system of the device. This is the place if any updates are received by your Android device then it gets stored here in ROM. You can also install the applications, like in Ultimate Droid handset a bugless beast v0.4 has been installed which is of Froyo build, its only possible by rooting. There are also several tools like ROM manager which helps make process of flashing of your phone much more easier than it looks to be.
Advantage Custom themes: the ultimate droid handset which we were just discussing about can also be loaded with new theme packages by using installers like meta morph or even by using SDK packages or also with ABD shell. Below, you can see that the first image the blacknotification bar and different dock icons on the bottom whereas the second picture is of a vanilla install of the Bug less beast v0.4 in which custom made icons have been installed with an all new battery symbol.
customized droid theme
With so many advantages, there are disadvantages too,with android recovery tools like Nandroid and more, there’s not more you can recover things if anything goes wrong which in short makes things difficult as in an extreme it can make your phone unusable too.